I smile, even laugh sometimes, when you pop into my mind. This is not like one of those romantic stories about how gloomy my life was till you walked in (I have nothing against them though); for it wasn’t. This is just a long overdue note to acknowledge that you have been an awesome friend to me. God answered some prayers I didn’t even say and I know you are one of them.

From the time we moved pass a couple of mumbled pleasantries and reached out to each other as real friends, I can’t itemize the legion of goodies you brought into my life. It’s been good to have someone who believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself; someone who refuses to let me forget the goal; someone who inspires and challenges me to be better; and even someone to pick on and be crazy with from time to time. How you let me take my mood out on you and still find a way to chip in some common sense into me. I find in you a person I can talk to about God and other important stuff (knowing that I’m not boring you out of your mind); and even rant about otherwise unnecessary things. It feels good to be listened to and to know I can have a very honest opinion and fair critic to any thing I’m doing. Your fortitudinous and purpose driven nature lends strength; your humorous nature brings laughter and your all too selfless nature though sweet can sometimes be somewhat annoying.

You take friendship from being a faraway concept and just something that I read in books and see in movies and make it very real. This is to celebrate you, mehn.

So here’s to you, for being a wonderful friend; to all friendships and relationships; and to the years, for bringing along the months and seasons and a host of people and things (good memories) but most specifically for bringing along my friend.

Happy New Year to all readers and friends!!!



“To every action there is an opposite reaction”. I’ve heard this mantra of my mum more times than I’ve heard my name: When I started school; Internship; work and of course, there was absolutely no way I could miss it 15 years ago, when I stood excited and all starry eyed at my wedding reception. I nonchalantly dismissed it then and regretfully wish I hadn’t now. If only I could turn back the hands of time, I would have treated it as a priced possession.

I met Marvin at the mall, at least that’s the first time I met him. Apparently we both attended the same secondary school and he remembered me from then. Our relationship grew in record time. I realised over time that he was all I needed in a man– God fearing, handsome, humorous, level headed, helpful, blah blah blah… We could talk hours unending without running out of things to say and even sit in complete silence with no feeling of awkwardness.

His marriage proposal 2 years later was a no-brainer. Our marriage was all the sweet stuff I envisioned until the devastating transformation. Before his metamorphosis, Marvin had been super understanding, calm, accommodating, etc etc and I found myself wondering, where it all went….. We had been blessed with a son, Gideon, smart, handsome like his dad and intelligent as me. At 12, Gideon was perfect.

Marvin on the other hand had become difficult to live with. He always found fault with what I was or was not doing. Wasn’t I allowed to be tired? Wasn’t I allowed to catch a break? Today, it’s because I didn’t make fellowship meetings; Yesterday, it was because I didn’t make time for Gideon or him, and sometimes over trivial things like replacing finished soap, folding clothes, pressing toothpaste from the middle instead of the bottom, sweeping a clean room and a legion of others…

Thing is, I had just gotten promoted. Attached to the lump sum that came with my promotion was a heavy workload which left me cream-cracked by the end of the day. I tried to fix dinner and talk to Gid as many evenings as I could. However any attempt to hold a conversation or spend some time with Marv was met with constant berating and inconsideration.

Today is different. We stood at the same spot. In the same room, heavily dense with an aura completely foreign to us- silence. We were both engrossed in thoughts of our own as we got ready to leave for the hospital.

Two weeks ago, Gideon attempted suicide.

We had spoken to Giddy: He was tired of hearing us quarrel; He didn’t fit in at school; God wasn’t listening to him; He didn’t want to be an additional load on us.
I spent my 14-day leave in retrospection, I had been irresponsible and negligent in my duties as a wife as well as a mother; arrogantly blinded by my selfish desire to be the sole receipient of consideration and understanding that I failed to see retribution coming pede claudo. I had fallen out of touch with God and my family and it was time to rebuild my empire. A step at a Time……

Well, I thought I would remind us a little about the consequences of our actions and inactions. Everything has a price, word or action, and as naturally as we drop items we find too expensive while shopping so we ought to do with our actions and sometimes inactions. Some arguments are too pricey to pursue; some words too costly to utter; revenge, futile and barren…. Most of these “goods” carry regret on their tag + death, hurt, torment, etc as tax. Our life today determines our tomorrow.
There is a price to being successful, a price to fame, a price to a good home, a price to academic excellence, and most important of all a price to eternal life.
Sometimes all you need to do is: to “lose” to gain; to walk out that door; apologize for that mistake; smile; pray hard; study hard; take the blame for the sake of peace. It may not seem easy or pleasant then but its fruits thereof……..

Let’s live everyday counting the cost and bearing in mind, “There is a price tag to everything, including sin”.


Ain’t it strange how a simple word remains the key to the intimidating gate of a great conversation…?

I have to make a move. How hard can it be; a few mumbled words and the usual pleasantries. But then, what if I get snubbed; that will be painful; would I even stand out; someone like that must be spoilt for choice’. Pushing these and many more conflicting thoughts aside, Mitchell strolled into the conference room on the last day of the inter-company training conference held once in every two years

Sitting on the other end of the vast conference hall was Hope, overwhelmed by a torrent of thoughts which made it difficult to concentrate on what the speaker was saying. She had to literally, pinch herself to snap out of her day dreaming. Her gaze kept wandering constantly to the young man from Kyler & Brunt. In her mind’s eye she saw the world’s greatest couple. If only he would say “hello”, she imagined. “Or I should? No! Men are supposed to make the first move” she continued in thought sadly.

Five hours later, Mitchell was on the flight back home and Hope had just entered her apartment. Nancy, her sister, was going on as always, typing some important project from school. How did it go, she asked.


And that could describe the conference for Mitchell as well.

Many times we lose loads of opportunities and possibilities because we are ‘afraid’ to even try. We want to start something – a project, learn a trade, divert into another career path, set up a blog like me or even get a girl like Mitchell. We get fascinated by how awesome and novel we want it to be. Over & over again, in our minds, we examine the complexities/competitions there are associated to whatever it is, but fail to start.

We wonder the repercussions of failing to make an impression; what if it’s not good enough….. Well, you can’t get snubbed when you haven’t said ‘hello’ for thoughts are as good as nothing when we don’t act. We wouldn’t know the outcome unless we do something.

Sometimes, there is the blanket of the excuse or understanding that society can give us, so we just stay in our comfort zones; constrained by some typecast. After all, “aren’t men supposed to make the first move?” How differently Hope would have described the day if she had taken the bold step and said “Hello”. It is time to break the stereotype and be extraordinary.

The possibility of a great relationship (Friendship, couple, Partnership) or a “freezing off” has been lost because neither Mitchell nor Hope said “Hello”

Whatever we want to be…. to do…. It all begins with a “HELLO”

                                          ………… “Hello” Continue reading