You laugh, mock and scorn

At the tears of a heart so torn

You ask why give yourself

to such craziness and lifelessness,

amidst such bliss and pleasure.

You say come live life full in itself.

I start in wonder;


You’ve never known shame and disgrace

You’ve never felt the icy chills of loneliness

You haven’t known emptiness

nor the frustrations and hopelessness

Of slavery, bound by chains and shackles



You know not the pain of being forsaken

Nor the feel of guilty condemnation to death.

You lived a life perfect and free.

Sin and shame have nothing on you

The knowledge of the torment and nothingness ahead you lack;


To feel the joy and love divine

so shed by a savior, selfless and kind

descending from glory into the gory

Putting on the life

of a wretched and pathetic being awaiting death

Brokering the greatest exchange

A beautiful exchange indeed.


Giving everything for nothing

Trading his grace for disgrace

His fame for shame

His gain for pain

His liberty for captivity.


I cannot hold his peace,

joy and salvation with sealed lips,

folded arms, an apathetic heart

and blister less knees,

in the name of gentility and shamefacedness.


He regarded none when he hanged;

naked for none but me

striped for none but me

scorned for none but me

forsaken and rejected for none but me

bore a crown of thorns for none but me.


So I will shout till my voice is hoarse

Tell of this love I hold

About a savior who came not on a horse

to bring me into His fold.

This is the sound of freedom

The praise of a grateful heart

A heart won over by God.


                                        By: Clement Quaye

                                                 Sarah Kpentey



Dedicated to my saviour,  Jesus Christ;  for opening my eyes

What about me?
How would people see me; what would they say about me?
How do they see me; what do they say about me?
What do I get from it; when will I have my turn?
When will I be known, be famous, be seen?

What about me?
How do I look; how do I benefit?
Why am I not the favourite; why am I not the choice?
I! Me! Myself! Self-ies; ish!
Me! Me!! Me!!!

Why not him, why not her?
Why not another?
What about others?
Where are the we’s and and us’?

The real question: why it is not me.
Greater than I could ever imagine and know.
Stooped from a throne august so low
And a crown that held much glory
To make for me a way of entry
Even after I had so actively shunned and scorned Him

A creation made after His image,
A status much undeserved yet so freely bestowed.
Tramped with force on the very creator.
Fell so hard in shame; become a debtor;
redeemed through grace with much love.

Placed on a pedestrian;
To proclaim the attributes of the claimer;
To reflect the light and glory of a redeemer.
Yet again, actively looking to self;
To the shame, the mayhem and clutter,
To the nothing, the emptiness and the futility of me.

Forgetting the real purpose, the real hope,
The real message and gospel that shines.
Highlighting self and living for same.
Every other person and thing forgotten and buried
Craving more and more, just for me
Then the lightning bolt strikes.

It’s not about me at all.
It’s all about Him
About one whose majesty transcends imagination.
Whose wonder deserves proclamation
About one whose understanding is infinite and unfathomable
One who is terrible in His works and mighty in power With beauty so far beyond comprehension and description

He who so wondrously and fearfully formed ME
HE whose counsel always stands; whose ways are tried and perfect
HE who created the rain I so marvel at
HE who laid the foundations of the earth that I stand on
HE who holds the very seasons and time that binds ME
HE who so freely laid down his life that I may have one

So yes it’s never my song, never my story
Never my talent, never my life
Never me
Always, always, always HIM!


When I’m trying to keep a grip on everything around

And I tie myself up in knots of worry

When the struggle to control every facet of my life

And even the outcome is overwhelming

When tomorrow makes me anxious;

yesterday regretful; and today stressed

Remind me that you’ll get a hold of me and talk to me

When I surrender everything.

That you know tomorrow and you go before me

To make the crooked way straight and shield my way


If temptation has me falling yet again

And I’m buried in guilt and condemnation

If the pictures the devil paints

Has me afraid and running from your presence

If I’m beating myself up and thinking

How I failed you and how you don’t want me

Remind me of grace, mercy, repentance and forgiveness

That you are not surprised

And that perfection is not what I am

But what you have made me


When sickness and depression has me standing in despair

And pain and fear is a constant ally

When the enemy like Goliath screams

“I defy the army of God, give me a man that we may fight”

And I’m cowardly hiding

When principalities and powers and darkness give me a shove

And I’m hurting and confused.

Remind me how the story ends- Goliath’s head in my hands

That  I have divine immunity and a sound mind through you

And I only need to look to the cross for prove


When I want to do things my way

And I’m being stubborn, disobedient and rebellious

Remind me the rebellious dwell in a dry land and

That obedience is seldom a matter of ease but always brings blessings.

When I’m feeling down and weighted

And when success seem so far out of reach

Remind me of faith, hope and love

That you are ever near and an everlasting strength

And that I’m always fighting from victory


If I am feeling proud

Remind me that I am but vapor, just a moment

And that you delight in the humble

When there is trouble on every side and I’m tempted and tried

Remind me of Joseph and Job, that I get double for my trouble

If I face the impossible and I’m in doubt

Remind me of Abraham, Gideon & the Midianites and the wall of Jericho

That there is no possibility of impossibility with You

And after all is said and done

Remind me that I’m mere mandust

And you are Godeternal



A word so small

Yet so great

Brought down from glory

The beginning and the end

Filled the space between

And restored the wretch and the vilest


It calms the angriest storms

And brings peace everlasting

The weary soul to find rest

And the wondering heart a haven

A victory over death, guilt and condemnation

Strength for today and hope enduring


A word so small

Yet so great

Enough to calm hell’s great fire

And crush the head of the serpent

Brought life eternal

And led captivity captive


Birthing mercy and grace

To wrought such great works

Judgment to the enemy

And pardon for the son


A word so small, yet so great