You laugh, mock and scorn

At the tears of a heart so torn

You ask why give yourself

to such craziness and lifelessness,

amidst such bliss and pleasure.

You say come live life full in itself.

I start in wonder;


You’ve never known shame and disgrace

You’ve never felt the icy chills of loneliness

You haven’t known emptiness

nor the frustrations and hopelessness

Of slavery, bound by chains and shackles



You know not the pain of being forsaken

Nor the feel of guilty condemnation to death.

You lived a life perfect and free.

Sin and shame have nothing on you

The knowledge of the torment and nothingness ahead you lack;


To feel the joy and love divine

so shed by a savior, selfless and kind

descending from glory into the gory

Putting on the life

of a wretched and pathetic being awaiting death

Brokering the greatest exchange

A beautiful exchange indeed.


Giving everything for nothing

Trading his grace for disgrace

His fame for shame

His gain for pain

His liberty for captivity.


I cannot hold his peace,

joy and salvation with sealed lips,

folded arms, an apathetic heart

and blister less knees,

in the name of gentility and shamefacedness.


He regarded none when he hanged;

naked for none but me

striped for none but me

scorned for none but me

forsaken and rejected for none but me

bore a crown of thorns for none but me.


So I will shout till my voice is hoarse

Tell of this love I hold

About a savior who came not on a horse

to bring me into His fold.

This is the sound of freedom

The praise of a grateful heart

A heart won over by God.


                                        By: Clement Quaye

                                                 Sarah Kpentey