Another year has began. Everything is looking bright and fair. It is both a new beginning and a continuation. New heights to clog and goals to reach. New expectations with renewed hope and faith.  A continuation of life and compilation of memories to look back on in later years. A revival and rekindling of waning fires and  another chapter of the life-long story we are writing.

All in all, we are reaching for much more and  trusting for greater things and times. As the year goes by; live, laugh, cry if need be, be courageous, get back up when you fall,hope, make friends, trust, love , and  ooohh…..  take photos. At the end of the year, when you look back make sure its a smile you have on your face.

And as i wish you a happy new year i cannot forget to mention God. He lightens our path so we may know the way by which we should go, because we have not passed this way before. Leave HIM out, and all  you have is a recipe for disaster.

Happy New Year !!

Mutlu Yıllar !!


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