Dedicated to my saviour,  Jesus Christ;  for opening my eyes

What about me?
How would people see me; what would they say about me?
How do they see me; what do they say about me?
What do I get from it; when will I have my turn?
When will I be known, be famous, be seen?

What about me?
How do I look; how do I benefit?
Why am I not the favourite; why am I not the choice?
I! Me! Myself! Self-ies; ish!
Me! Me!! Me!!!

Why not him, why not her?
Why not another?
What about others?
Where are the we’s and and us’?

The real question: why it is not me.
Greater than I could ever imagine and know.
Stooped from a throne august so low
And a crown that held much glory
To make for me a way of entry
Even after I had so actively shunned and scorned Him

A creation made after His image,
A status much undeserved yet so freely bestowed.
Tramped with force on the very creator.
Fell so hard in shame; become a debtor;
redeemed through grace with much love.

Placed on a pedestrian;
To proclaim the attributes of the claimer;
To reflect the light and glory of a redeemer.
Yet again, actively looking to self;
To the shame, the mayhem and clutter,
To the nothing, the emptiness and the futility of me.

Forgetting the real purpose, the real hope,
The real message and gospel that shines.
Highlighting self and living for same.
Every other person and thing forgotten and buried
Craving more and more, just for me
Then the lightning bolt strikes.

It’s not about me at all.
It’s all about Him
About one whose majesty transcends imagination.
Whose wonder deserves proclamation
About one whose understanding is infinite and unfathomable
One who is terrible in His works and mighty in power With beauty so far beyond comprehension and description

He who so wondrously and fearfully formed ME
HE whose counsel always stands; whose ways are tried and perfect
HE who created the rain I so marvel at
HE who laid the foundations of the earth that I stand on
HE who holds the very seasons and time that binds ME
HE who so freely laid down his life that I may have one

So yes it’s never my song, never my story
Never my talent, never my life
Never me
Always, always, always HIM!