To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven…….and a time to dance.

Flashback into the year 2005, April 22nd. A very frabjous day for me because 1. It was my anniversary and 2. It was the day that I finish writing my Basic Education Certificate Exams (BECE). I had waited so long for that day, though before I didn’t think I would be around to write the exams – I thought the rapture would have taken place – but it wasn’t to be so. So yes I wrote the BECE. On the last day a few minutes after the monumental ‘stop work’ and paper collection, I raised my hand in victory, I had conquered the world. I chanted loudly to myself ten ones, ten ones! It definitely had to be ten ones considering the lump sum of money [one I had already drawn a budget for] at stake over a deal I made with my dad. I was a bit skeptical and unsure of French though, but hey, miracles happen and I happen to believe in them, so why not. I had been an active anti-French activist in school – never really studied it much. Monsieur Degboye, my French teacher, had been an excellent tutor I just hadn’t thought French was one of the things I needed to succeed in life. Funny though, now I I’m learning it. I looked around me at the faces of my fellows and they were all wearing smiles. Outside the exams room, some people were ripping their uniforms apart, ponding each other, throwing powder on themselves, dropping their text books all in the name of jubilation. Of course we had overcome mountains and hills and valleys, because it pretty much felt like that to us. It was exciting and entertaining to watch but I haven’t been much for that explicit form of expressions so I didn’t join in. Maybe the fact that 3 years before us some students have had to come back to school to study and retake the exams because ap) had leaked also contributed to my reserve.

Fast forward to 2016, June 17th. BECE is ending today and today also doubles as a friend’s anniversary [Happy Birthday Kennedy]. Of course over the years the curriculum has been modified so instead of two papers today, candidates are writing just one. I can imagine they may be feeling pretty much the same. Young fellas will be excited. Years of studies, for some, days of cramming and sleepless nights is finally over. So much expectancy – for great results, looking forward to SHS and a lot of leisure time.

A few days after relaxing at home, members will start itching for some activity and start wishing they were still in school minus all the learning or maybe just tests and exams.

Kudos to all our young ladies and gentlemen, especially my great friends, Ernest and Gabriel, for a job well done. All the best in your results.

I have fought a good fight, i have finished my course, i have kept the faith.  –  The Bible


Twenty- five

“I want to be a doctor; a lawyer; a poet; a chartered accountant; the governor of BOG. I want to be a Chartered Management Accountant & psychotherapist; a teacher/lecturer…”  I said all those at some point in my life growing up.

25 finds me, a professional teacher, a blogger and a drummer [working on adding to the list]. My views and perception of life has evolved and is more real and practical and I’m still expecting some changes. I have grown; matured…….I’m growing, maturing every day. I look back on the years, some of the times all I see is a blur. I remember preschool, primary school, high school, college. I have made friends and lost friends. I have learnt a lot; made mistakes and looking forward to learn more. The memories, priced souvenirs.

Sitting down and taking stock, it seem I have achieved little; so much left undone. Then I’m reminded how the years behind have not been a waste. I remember my friends and family counting me as a blessing, I smile and know I have touched the world in some way, even though perhaps very minutely.

25 years, with the first real birthday cake and presents and a lot grateful. No frowns and grumblings. Only wide smiles and laughter. I have survived much and I’m blessed with more. I have a testimony and there is still yet a lot of goodness ahead of me.

In the distance ahead I see much awesomeness[a borrowed word], I also see hurdles and blockades but I know the ambiance is coloured with so much love, peace and joy so I’m holding on to faith. With squared shoulders I embrace my lot and take a course in patience and self-discipline.

Now the dream is a lot different. Now, I want to be the best of what I am and can be. I want to be someone through whom the glory of God can be shared…..someone who touches the world in the unique way only I can.. someone who will walk in purpose and in the fear of God.