When I’m trying to keep a grip on everything around

And I tie myself up in knots of worry

When the struggle to control every facet of my life

And even the outcome is overwhelming

When tomorrow makes me anxious;

yesterday regretful; and today stressed

Remind me that you’ll get a hold of me and talk to me

When I surrender everything.

That you know tomorrow and you go before me

To make the crooked way straight and shield my way


If temptation has me falling yet again

And I’m buried in guilt and condemnation

If the pictures the devil paints

Has me afraid and running from your presence

If I’m beating myself up and thinking

How I failed you and how you don’t want me

Remind me of grace, mercy, repentance and forgiveness

That you are not surprised

And that perfection is not what I am

But what you have made me


When sickness and depression has me standing in despair

And pain and fear is a constant ally

When the enemy like Goliath screams

“I defy the army of God, give me a man that we may fight”

And I’m cowardly hiding

When principalities and powers and darkness give me a shove

And I’m hurting and confused.

Remind me how the story ends- Goliath’s head in my hands

That  I have divine immunity and a sound mind through you

And I only need to look to the cross for prove


When I want to do things my way

And I’m being stubborn, disobedient and rebellious

Remind me the rebellious dwell in a dry land and

That obedience is seldom a matter of ease but always brings blessings.

When I’m feeling down and weighted

And when success seem so far out of reach

Remind me of faith, hope and love

That you are ever near and an everlasting strength

And that I’m always fighting from victory


If I am feeling proud

Remind me that I am but vapor, just a moment

And that you delight in the humble

When there is trouble on every side and I’m tempted and tried

Remind me of Joseph and Job, that I get double for my trouble

If I face the impossible and I’m in doubt

Remind me of Abraham, Gideon & the Midianites and the wall of Jericho

That there is no possibility of impossibility with You

And after all is said and done

Remind me that I’m mere mandust

And you are Godeternal