I smile, even laugh sometimes, when you pop into my mind. This is not like one of those romantic stories about how gloomy my life was till you walked in (I have nothing against them though); for it wasn’t. This is just a long overdue note to acknowledge that you have been an awesome friend to me. God answered some prayers I didn’t even say and I know you are one of them.

From the time we moved pass a couple of mumbled pleasantries and reached out to each other as real friends, I can’t itemize the legion of goodies you brought into my life. It’s been good to have someone who believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself; someone who refuses to let me forget the goal; someone who inspires and challenges me to be better; and even someone to pick on and be crazy with from time to time. How you let me take my mood out on you and still find a way to chip in some common sense into me. I find in you a person I can talk to about God and other important stuff (knowing that I’m not boring you out of your mind); and even rant about otherwise unnecessary things. It feels good to be listened to and to know I can have a very honest opinion and fair critic to any thing I’m doing. Your fortitudinous and purpose driven nature lends strength; your humorous nature brings laughter and your all too selfless nature though sweet can sometimes be somewhat annoying.

You take friendship from being a faraway concept and just something that I read in books and see in movies and make it very real. This is to celebrate you, mehn.

So here’s to you, for being a wonderful friend; to all friendships and relationships; and to the years, for bringing along the months and seasons and a host of people and things (good memories) but most specifically for bringing along my friend.

Happy New Year to all readers and friends!!!